Destination Management Specialist

Here at Westlink offer our clients a wide range of services. We are a Destination Management Company, which simply translated means we are a local Ghanaian company that handles arrangements for conferences, events, meetings, accommodation, transportation, and tours, groups or individuals. We also facilitate and advice and support international organisations establishing on Ghana. We think of ourselves as team that brings you prompt service, efficiency and, adventure and definitely a unique service.

We are unique, because we offer our clients services that they require and need. For associate suppliers we aim to plan your service right down to details your clientele may not even have considered. i.e. booking your hotel rooms, and making sure you have a view, or are not too far away from the main reception, etc.

Travel is our business, and we are good at it. We are here to make it as simple for our clients as possible.

For tourist we have what we call standard packages, and then we also put together tailor-made itineraries to meet and suit our client’s needs.

As an Event Organisers for our client and planners we provide logistics and management support.

Transportation is a crucial component for all events. We offer hire services and for large groups we include a transport manager available to co-ordinate all vehicles and drivers movements.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you and your clients.

Our Services

  • Professional Staff
  • Entertainment
  • Unique Décor and Theme Concepts
  • Event Design & Development
  • VIP Services
  • Team building
  • Registration & Hospitality

Tourism - Ghana has an interesting variety of experiences on offer from the traditional to the growing urban Africa cultures, beaches, wildlife, fauna & flora, top marlin fishing destination, UN world hertiages sites and education, and art.

Management Services

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Site And Venue Visits and Selection
  • Development & Management of clients Budget
  • Supplier Management

Our Logistical Services

  • Logistical Coordination & Management
  • Security Advice and Services
  • Event Production & Management
  • Production and AV Services
  • Transportation Logistics and Coordination
  • F&B Management

Office Location:

Dakar Ave, East legon, Accra, Ghana